Monday, April 10, 2017

F'ed Up Fairytales

Guess Who's Back...Guess Who's Back...Guess Who's Back...the JandJ

Part of a multi-author joint release in the F'ed Up Fairytale series.  Coming in late May 2017.

Do. No. Charm.  Sometimes the Risk Is Worth the Bait by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh.

Darling Charming is everything that one would expect the only daughter of Prince Charming, Junior to be, which is the problem…for everyone else in Fairytale Land…except for her.  Quick to smile, and armed with the Prince Charming hair swing, she spends her days rewriting fairytales.  And running from the mob of angry villagers who hate her work.   It’s a good thing she’s fast.     

No one ever accused Munro Severe of being fun…and walked away without a limp, a little bit of head trauma, and a few major organs rolling around loose in their torso.  Rumor has it that the no-nonsense liger shifter hasn’t cracked a smile in over a decade.  But the corner of his full lips did lift the tiniest bit that one time at band camp…when he started an inter fairytale land war.  Cut, silent, and deadly, he is the guy after the last guy who should be in a room with any of the Charmings. Yet, he is the unfortunate soul who is charged with keeping Darling Charming’s shenanigans to anything less than an epic level. As her brother, PJJ would say: Good Luck with that.

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