Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Wild, Wild as His Lady Requests: Silana

It's coming—finally, for real this time, most likely.  Grin.  Why did it take so long?  Because this was a hard story.  Like Zuri’s story, it took a lot out of me.   It was an emotional journey that I didn’t want to take the heroine or hero on, nor go on with them as I imagined it, created it, chronicled it.

I tried…oh, how I tried to bend that story towards fun, mayhem and chaos of the good kind…much like the books Jeanie and I are known for, including L.A.T.T.E. and Tres Leches Shake and our offerings in the Rho Beta Omicron Tau series.  But I just couldn’t.  The characters wouldn’t let me.  My conscience wouldn’t let me. 

This story is not all sunshine or even mostly sunshine, but neither is this story a composition of the blues.  Will you laugh? Probably, because it’s me and I have to balance out the lament with some thanksgiving.  However, there’s a good chance that you will weep.  You will rage.  You will want to call me and cuss me…come to Austin and kick me in the shins (Please don’t as I will have General Zod present along with the Jeanie…grin). 

I say this not out of braggadocio about my skill to evoke emotion; I say it from experience because I too wept, raged and cussed as I imagined it, as I rewrote it (time and time again), as I outlined it, as I wrote it.  I guess that is why this story took me so long to get out.  It is a hard story, but if I didn’t include those hard bits, I would not do justice to the story.  Just hang in there.  I believe it’s worth the journey. 

In much the same way that Smokin’: Carolina in the Storming is an holistic story, the same can be said for The Wild, Wild as His Lady Requests: Silana is not just the telling of a romance between the heroine and the hero.  It is a journey that shows the reader how both Silana and Andrew grew into their rage, their compassion, and even their love.  It is also a story of those who despise them, those who love them and those who are loved by them.    

So yeah, the book will be available before our Greet & Eat III in Austin (or the day of the Greet & Eat).  There might be some autographed copies.  There might be a preview of the next Wild, Wild adventure too.

So yeah, the book will be available exclusively at for the first month or so.  Therefore, please don’t ask when it’ll be available elsewhere.

Read on…here’s the unedited blurb.

Unedited blurb:

Today, former DA Silana Província Touissaint has many of the things that others covet: an immaculate and expansive estate that is filled with good friends, family and laughter, a wall full of diplomas from prestigious universities, a CV that guarantees her virtually any position she wants, a bust line that has men salivating, and a “bring it” that is unrivalled.  But that’s today.  All of the days before that however were filled with memories she wanted to forget, people she wanted to get over, mistakes she wanted to get past. 

Despite their given names, Andrew Treunmhor and the two men who fought by his side were referred to as the scourge of the earth.  According to the rumors, because no one who stood before him was left alive, only disease, war and the state have been responsible for more deaths.  Andrew came close, which is why he was called Plague—the deadliest thing to humanity. 

No one knew why Andrew killed; they simply knew that he killed.  Perhaps if he’d contained his killing to humans, he would’ve surpassed Plague in the deadliest thing known to man.  As it was, he was the most dangerous thing to Otherworldly beings, vampires in particular.  In an unprecedented move, the Otherworldlies worked together and be-spelled him before enslaving him.

As cunning as he is fearsome, Andrew bides his time, honing his skill while harboring his hatred.  Andrew feared nothing, not retribution, not judgment, not death.  He did however despise being used, being enslaved, and more than that, being  underestimated.  The vampires should’ve killed him.  When they did not, they’d simply arranged to die at his hands.

He lived every day for revenge…until the day he met Silana.  For a man who felt little in the way of emotion, Silana inspired them all: hate, disdain, respect and for the first time fear…and remorse…and hope…and love.   As it says in Scripture, love is the greatest of these.

Hope you enjoy this tale.  Happy reading, Jayha


Tasha Smith said...

Soooo HOT

Nikki T said...

Great cover! Nice blurb!

Aunt Toni said...

This will be EVERYTHING!

Jeanie and Jayha said...

ah, thank you Tasha, Nikki, and Aunt Toni! I certainly hope so. Jeanie is also working on another OW book! Here's to a sizzling hot wise. Grin.

Jacinator said...

I am caught and ready to read the entire story!!

Sloane Carter said...

This is one hot ass cover! And the blub sounds good too. Best of luck with this one. I know it will do well.

Ligi said...

I'm so we excited!

elisha said...

Bring it on!!! I can't wait to finally get this book!! I love y ' all stories!!!

Isabel Nicolas said...

When does this book come out please?
I love every book you have ever written!

Ellie said...

What happened to this book? I thought it's supposed to come out last year? But it seems like the authors just abandoned this and other books they're supposed to release. A little heads up would've been nice.

mc leod Jodyann said...

I can't get any of your latest books I love your books the speak to me someone please help

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