Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Laying Down the Ahhhh

Infernos, Chaos, and First-class Ish-Starting  

Atlantis Idlewild is your average woman, with a not-so-average family. Her dad needs to be kept away from anything that can be used as an accelerant.  Her mom needs to be kept a full yardstick away from her man, unless her parents want to set a record for oldest couple to conceive without medical intervention.  She even has an extra dad who is as white as his naval uniform, a special ops brother who is put out that he cannot kill her ex, and a young co-ed who has a perfectly nice room in one of the most impressive sorority houses in the U.S., but spends so much time at her own house, that everyone thinks the girl is her daughter. One would think that the special kind of crazy that is her family is what led to her divorce, but alas the crazy is the only thing keeping her sane. She’s divorced because her ex decided to try his hand at douchebaggery. 

Theodoric Ermenrich might make his living by maintaining order, but he doesn’t mind a little bit of crazy.  Of course, it wouldn’t matter if he did considering his family is chock-full of it. The Ermenrich clan might be renowned for their business prowess, but they have some characters in the bunch, including a five-time kumite champion, a derrickman, and a SWAT team member...and those were just the women. Chaos was simply a way of life for his clan, so getting into a little bit of sh*t didn’t faze Theodoric, which was a good thing considering his current quest involved getting the lovely, voluptuous Atlantis to give him the time of day. He was not above using her soft spot for his son to make it happen...or above using his army of attorneys, or his personal jet to spirit her father away from the inferno he'd set in the name of revenge. Infernos, chaos, and melees.  Sounded like an average day in the Ermenrich family.

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