Monday, April 10, 2017

Get Ready. Get Set. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Master Hang Glider + Master Enforcer = Epic WTFs

Joint release in the Jail House Rocks series with author Kassanna, author extraordinaire, hostess with the mostest, and the bringer of the IRAE Interracial Author Expo. 

All Goads Lead to Roam by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh. Available this summer. 

Master hang glider La La Lookout’s official job is instructor.  As evidenced by her H-5 rating, her average review, and the lengthy wait-list for her classes, she is damn good at what she does.  However, her unofficial job is the official looker-outer for her peeps in the Lookout clan.  While her hang-gliding business has her heart, La La doesn’t take anything more seriously than the wellbeing of her family. 

Tiger shifter Roam Matera is an elite enforcer for Belladonna Senemetu-Ramman, The Absoluta, Босс всех боссов (boss of all bosses) of the white tiger shifters on planet earth.  His annual “see if my son-in-law has done something to warrant killing,” is the only reason he is in a backwoods town straddling the border of Tennessee and Georgia, rather than on one of the many white sand beaches of the Caribbean headquarters of Senemetu.  La La Lookout is the reason he’s considering staying.  La La is a woman accustomed to getting her way.  He’s a shifter male accustomed to “helping” others understand why they should do as he says.  

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