Monday, April 10, 2017

It's On...Like a Pot of Neckbones

Trust Her...You Don't Want None

Book 1 PBOT: Florida (Alpha chapter)

Triss Versus Frat by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh. Available in June 2017.

Located on the Gulf side of Florida, Sinnieva College has the looks of a five-star resort, an endowment that ranks in the top 50 for US colleges and universities, and co-eds that come from families that comprise the who’s who of the planet earth.  Every incoming class is given a litany of things to best avoid: underage drinking, waiting until the last minute to write one’s final paper, and effing off Daytona Triss—aka ISH FINISHER GALORE.  The good news is that Daytona is a senior.  The bad news is that she still has two months before she graduates, which is bad news for so many people and entities, especially the president of the frat that happens to be located in the house next to her.  Frat war is one of those things best avoided. Of course, no one told Daytona this small, but pertinent fact.  Even if they had, she would have given exactly negative trillion and a half f*cks.  When she says STFU, she means it; when she says stop your mascot from sh*tting on my lawn, she means that too, as evidenced by the banner she hung from the balcony of her house: Y’ALL ARE DEAD.  

Grab your sweet iced tea, your beach umbrella, and sit back and watch the fireworks.  Daytona Triss versus the Frat next door.  It can only end one way, because this is a JandJ joint.  

And of course, if you have a chapter, you have to have t-shirts:

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