Monday, September 19, 2016


In the end, there can be only one, which kind of sucks, because really, who wants to be alone?  Besides a mom whose wet dream is to be able to use the bathroom without interruption.  Or a reader who is so into her/his book, that the world could be falling down around them, and they wouldn't notice unless debris got on their e-reader or book.  

Haters hate, but who really wants to go to the places where hate takes you.  Ballers ball, and that can take you all the way to a championship and lucrative endorsements...which allows one to buy books.    Readers read, and thus consider the world as a place filled with endless possibilities.   

Authors have vision.  Readers have the guts to jump in and revel in the worlds that authors create.  Speaking of creation, let us tell you what creative genius Xyla Turner has created: AUTHOR GO! 

This is a game for lovers of the written word...and shenanigans.  Five levels.  Epic quests.  Points, badges, and PRIZES!!!  Did we mention the shenanigans? And the prizes?  

Watch the video, and be amazed:

Go here to register and start playing:

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