Monday, February 7, 2011

In Love & Trust by Jeanie and Jayha

In Love & Trust was a book that really took JandJ to literary places we hadn't intended on journeying. Originally, it was supposed to be a short book of 20K words but along the way, characters needed fleshing out, scenes needed extending, and individuals needed to be healed/redeemed/brought to justice. In the end, we were changed as much as the characters and plot was changed.

Our stories are never as nice and neat as we'd like them...but we're discovering that that's okay. We don't put the pen down until we hear the double sigh (one from Jeanie; one from myself). Though we invented the characters and the context...we don't invent the realities that individuals suffer through/triumph over. Therefore, we cannot help but be moved. Hopefully, you are as moved as we are.

Give it a read and let us know how you feel about this one.


Classy n Sassy said...

I feel like I am jonesing for another hot barbarian in a kilt and I am keeping my fingers crossed that one will appear like magic soon. Thank you for always giving MORE. VON

T said...

Ladies you outdid yourselves with this one. Had to be strong to bump up to MY number 2 spot for your reads, right behind "Carolina In The Storming."
The story was very enoyable from start to finish.

I must remember to have sweet ice tea and cheesecake on hand whilst reading your stories. I always get thirsty and hungry :)

Anxiously awaiting Andrew and Silana's story next.

Stay strong in your faith and words...both fists in the air to two badazz authors for real!!!
Aunt Toni

Dréa riley said...

A) DIBs B) if i get snowed under cuz y'all blogged i am moving to nz with my big sis the jeanie...just saying i see the clouds forming now

AuthorGuru Novellette said...

I have read every J and J book; combined and individual works and while my all time favourite has always been Carolina in the Storming, I had favourites in 2nd and 3rd place.
In Love and Trust didn't have to fight for 2nd place; it demanded 2nd place and got it. I love this book and all the new characters as well as familiar friends.
J and J, don't change the way you write for anyone but yourselves. Your prose pleases us...greatly. They are repeat reads for sure.

Jeanie and Jayha said...

@Classy n Sassy...more barbarians coming up soonest

@T...thank you so much., we blog...sometimes. Grin. BTW, did it snow?

@AuthorGuru...Blushing...thank you for that.

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