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This is a two-fer.  The Jeanie and Jayha wrote a story for a box set and it's not just any story, but a Christmas story.  How Christmas-y it is might be up for debate.  Probably a whole lot of debate.  It takes place during Christmas time...there is a Christmas tree...and a wreath.    However, there is also a sledge hammer, a welding torch, and a healthy dose of revenge.  

And the plus side is that there are nine other stories with various levels of Christmas, shenanigans, and love.  Come get your Christmas on!

Our story:  The Twelve Craze of Christmas by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Attorney and sugar cookie fanatic, Cayenne Creighton preferred her steak with a side of steak, vegetables to be some place other than on her plate, and her revenge to be absolute overkill. Former Ranger and security specialist Rennes Sabine preferred his steak medium rare, his women easy, and his life orderly. Only two things stopped the third from being a reality: his sister, who was a raving lunatic, and Cayenne, who was her best friend. He could forgive his sister because his mother told him to. He wasn’t about to go easy on Cayenne, who was the one woman who’d ruined him for other women. Not that he’d admit it…ever…to anyone.

And then he gets the call. The call that caused his manhood to shrivel up. All he knows is that there is a dick, a dishwasher, and a welding torch in Cayenne’s hands. This would not end well for someone…or several someones. Except maybe it could. Would this be the holiday season that all of his wishes came true?  Or would this be the holiday season that he had to smuggle Cayenne and his sister to a country without extradition treaties?

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