Monday, April 14, 2014

L.A.T.T.E. by Jeanie and Jayha, book 3 in the Libations series

First, there was M.O.C.H.A.
Then, there was I.R.I.S.H. Coffee.

Now, there is L.A.T.T.E.


Welcome to the Libations series.  Bring your cup, glass, mug, stein, flute…we’ll bring the beverage!





If a winner was declared at the first annual ass-off competition, Tai wasn’t aware of it.  The moment he’d spotted Serenata in that gown, he’d ceased to be aware of everything in the world except for her…and his need for this woman.  It took everything he had to fulfill his promise and walk across the stage.  Holding her eyes, he’d followed her instructions and stripped slowly.  He couldn’t tell if the women in the audience were into it or not, because frankly he didn’t give a shit.  The only woman in the world was Serenata.  Her eyes had gone big, probably due to the raging hard-on he sported.  His cock was pushing the limits of the ball-sac.  He’d never felt so on edge, but then he’d never seen his woman looking like an invitation to every fantasy he’d ever had. 

When he was down to nothing but the ball-sac, he stalked from the stage and towards his destiny.  True to form, Serenata didn’t back up. If she knew the thoughts going through his head, she would’ve fled as if the federales were on her six.  Squaring her shoulders, she arched her brow before shooting him a look full of challenge.  Ah, he did indeed appreciate a good challenge.

She probably thought that look was intimidating and perhaps it would’ve been if she looked less like temptation.  As it was, that look was an invitation…an entreaty for him to show her why he was the only man in existence for her.  As tempting as she was, Tai was sure it was inevitable that another male approach her, but a good beating would discourage that sort of thing.  So would leaving said man’s head on a pike outside of their fortress. 

Finally reaching her, Tai slid his arms around Serenata’s waist.  Closing his eyes, he inhaled, breathing in her intoxicating scent.  He’d never been partial to mangoes until he’d smelled them on her.  Serenata gasped and arched into him.  His cock hardened even more.  Groaning, he pulled her closer. 

“What are you doing?” he asked.


He clarified his question.  “Every day for the rest of our lives.”  Tai made sure to put emphasis on the word “our.”

From the catch in her breath, Tai knew she caught the emphasis.  True to form, she didn’t acknowledge it.  “Why?” she asked breathlessly.

“Because,” Tai said as he tightened his embrace.  “I’m kidnapping you.”

“And are you going to show me a good time?  Like I showed you while you were my guest?”

“Have I ever showed you anything less?”

Serenata smiled.  “You have a lot to live up to.  I brought the adventure when I kidnapped you.”

She didn’t simply show him an adventure; she showed him what it was like to live.

Tai lifted her lush form in his arms.  Taking his time, he kissed her.  “We need to go.”



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